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    About Us

    The owner of Luminiciti always had issues managing his stress. He would through tantrums as a kid, shout at his friends and family for no reason, and do just about anything the rest of the world does when they are under a lot of stress. However. one day, in bed, he was depressed and didn't feel like doing anything. He was playing "catch" with himself while throwing the ball in a upwards motion while laying down. He would throw the ball higher and higher until his arm got tiered. The higher the ball went the faster and harder it fell down. That's when he thought of making the revolutionary stress reliever luminous balls. Something that can stick to the ceiling giving you time to rest your arm but also more fun. The landing is soft due to the materials Luminiciti has used. hundreds and thousands of people use this tool everyday to relieve their stress. Many teenagers and children use it just to play whenever they're bored. It truly has become a part of a lot of individuals lives. We couldn't be more proud of our efforts and results. We hope you try this tool for yourself and let us know if you enjoy it or not and whether it helps reduce your stress or not. As a growing business customer satisfaction is our priority. We know that the customer comes first in any deal and we pride ourselves on being extremely customer oriented. We promise you your purchase won't be regretted!

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